Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Teen Resource

LCPL just subscribed to a new database called Teen Health & Wellness, where teens can go to get real answers to real life questions. Subjects cover anything from bullying to braces to being a first-generation American teen.

Check it out today!! Teen Health & Wellness

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Born to Read - What is it?

Today was our Born to Read storytime, for infants and babies. I wanted to post some information about early literacy and what books you could read to your child. All of this information can be found on the American Library Association's webpage for Born to Read. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask Barbara or I. We're happy to help.

Early literacy is what children know about reading before they can actually read.

Researchers agree that children are more likely to become good readers if they start school with three sets of accomplishments:

Oral language skills and phonological awareness: Children are able to comprehend and to express themselves with a wide range of words. They are able to distinguish the sounds as well as the meaning of words.

Print awareness and letter knowledge: Children have learned that the black and white marks on a page represent spoken words. They are able to name the letters of the alphabet.

Motivation to learn and appreciation for literary forms: Children have been exposed to a wide variety of literary experiences and have learned to love books and stories.

Some Good Books to Share (Click on the link to go to the LCPL catalog!)

Baker, Keith. Big Fat Hen. Harcourt, 1994.
Bang, Molly. Ten, Nine, Eight. Greenwillow, 1983.
Barton, Byron. My Car. Greenwillow, 2001.
Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight Moon. Illustrated by Clement Hurd. HarperCollins, 1947.
Cousins, Lucy. Maisy Drives the Bus. Candlewick, 2001.

Crews, Donald. Freight Train. Greenwillow, 1978.
Dunrea, Olivier. Gossie and Gertie. Houghton Mifflin, 2002.

Fleming, Denise. Mama Cat Has Three Kittens. Henry Holt, 1998.
Fleming, Denise. The Everything Book. Henry Holt, 2000.
George, Kristine O'Connell. Book!. Illustrated by Maggie Smith. Clarion, 2001.
Hill, Eric. Where's Spot? Putnam, 1980.
Hindley, Judy. Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes. Illustrated by Brita Granstrom. Candlewick, 2002.
Intrater, Roberta Grobel. Peek-a-Boo, You. Scholastic/Cartwheel, 2002.
Isadora, Rachel. Peekaboo Morning. Putnam, 2002.
Keats, Ezra Jack. Peter's Chair. Putnam, 1967.
Martin, Bill, Jr. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Illustrated by Eric Carle. Holt, 1984.
Meyers, Susan. Everywhere Babies. Illustrated by Marla Frazee. Harcourt, 2001.

Opie, Iona, ed. My Very First Mother Goose. Illustrated by Rosemary Wells. Candlewick, 1996.
Orozco, José-Luis. Diez Deditos=Ten Little Fingers: and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America. Illustrated by Elisa Kleven. Dutton, 1997.
Oxenbury, Helen. Tom and Pippo Read a Story. Simon & Schuster, 1998.
Rosen, Michael. We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. Little Simon, 1997.

Wells, Rosemary. Max's Bedtime. Dial, 1998.
Williams, Vera. "More, More, More," Said the Baby: Three Love Stories Greenwillow, 1990.
Wilner, Isabel. The Baby's Game Book. Illustrated by Sam Williams. Greenwillow, 2000.
Zelinsky, Paul O. The Wheels on the Bus: A Book with Parts that Move. Dutton, 1990.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

4-H Babysitting Course

Loudoun County 4-H will be offering its 2nd Annual Babysitting Course during LCPS Spring Break on March 18. This program will be held at the Loudoun County Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will include lunch and research based skill building for future babysitters.

Please contact Kim Monroe for more information:

Kim Monroe
4-H Program Technician
Extension Services

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lovettsville Library's 18th Birthday Party

Come out to the library and help us to celebrate our

Saturday, February 23, 2008 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bring your friends and celebrate with some very special programs and plenty of birthday cake!

11:00 a.m. - Hop To It! Frogs, Toads and Their

Relatives with Alonso Abugattas

Hop on over to learn all you ever wanted to know about frogs, toads and their relatives! Meet some... up-close and personal! Have real encounters of an amphibious kind! Recommended for ages 5 & up.

2:00 p.m. - Hot Jazz with The Woodshedders

Enjoy Acoustic Gypsy Jazz - a musical fusion of nostalgia and invention, blending the traditional and the avant-garde. A number of unique, original songs and compositions round out this quintet's repertoire of gypsy folk songs, waltzes and swing and olde tyme jazz standards.

For more information call (540) 822-5824 v/tty or check out our web page @

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Program Guide is out!!

Stop by the library and pick up your new program guide for March-April 2008! Here is a look at what is happening in Lovettsville for March:

LIVE! in Concert with Sparky & Rhonda - Saturday, March 1st, @ 2 p.m.

Movies @ the Library - Ghost in the Shell (Teens) - Saturday, March 8th @ 2 p.m.

Welcome Spring Storytime & Craft - Wednesday, March 19th @ 3 p.m.

Virginia Readers' Choice - Middle School Book Club - Thursday, March 20th @ 7:30 p.m.

Here is the link to our website so you can sign up for events and see what else is happening throughout the county: LCPL Website

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Storytime!!

Valentine's Day has come, and gone, and we had a great time at the special storytime! Here are some great books and rhymes you can use for next year, along with pictures from the event. Click on the book links to go to the LCPL catalog!

Toddler Books:

The Ballad of Valentine by Alison Jackson
Mouse's First Valentine by Lauren Thompson
Valentine Mice! by Bethany Roberts

Preschool Books:

Bee My Valentine! by Miriam Cohen
One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell
Rhyme Time Valentine by Nancy Poydar
Winnie the Pooh's Valentine by Bruce Talkington
1-2-3 Valentine's Day by Jeanne Modesitt
Love, Ruby Valentine by Laurie Firedman
Valentine by Carol Carrick

Song - You're a Special Friend of Mine (Tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)

You're a special friend of mine,
Friend of mine, friend of mine.
You're a special friend of mine,
Be my valentine.

Action Rhyme - Just for You

Cut, cut, cut with scissors. (Pretend to cut)
Paste, paste, paste with glue. (Pretend to glue)
Color, color, color with crayons. (Pretend to color)
(Both thumbs pointing to self) I made this pretty Valentine,
(Extend hands outward as if offering a gift) Just for YOU!

Action Rhyme - Make a Heart

Make a heart up in the sky.
Make it tall,
Make it wide.
Make a heart close to the ground.
Make it small,
Then sit down.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sniffles & Sneezes Storytime

Because of all the cold weather, I decided that we needed a storytime on being sick, as so many of us are right now. Click on the book link to go to the LCPL catalog!

2's and 3's

Miss Polly has a Dolly by Pamela Duncan Edwards
The Get Well Soon Book: Good Wishes for Bad Times by Kes Gray and Mary McQuillan
Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? – Amy Hest
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed – Eileen Christelow
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? – Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
One Day in the Jungle by Colin West

4's and 5's

Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? By Amy Hest
Barnyard Song by Rhonda Gowler Greene
How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague
I’m Not Feeling Well Today by Shirley Neitzel
The Lady with the Alligator Purse by Nadine Bernard Westcott
Farm Flu by Teresa Bateman
"Stand Back," Said the Elephant, "I'm Going to Sneeze!" by Patricia Thomas
Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox by Grace Maccarone
Miss Polly Has a Dolly by Pamela Duncan Edwards
Get Well Soon Book by Kes Gray & Mary McQuillan
Bark, George by Jules Feiffer

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Events Calendar

When you visit the library next time, please check out our new events calendar, listing everything that is happening at Lovettsville. We thought this at-a-glance calendar would be useful for letting you know our upcoming events.

You can also check out the online events calendar, limiting it by branch, so that you can see what is happening here at the library. You can also use the online calendar to see what is happening throughout the county. Click HERE to see the online events calendar from Loudoun County Public Libraries.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cowboy Storytime

Today, in honor of my first storytime here at Lovettsville, we did a cowboy theme. Here are the books we used:

2's and 3's:

Cowboy Bunnies by Christine Loomis
Pal and Sal by R.A. Herman
Old MacDonald by Jessica Souhami

4's and 5's:

Cowboy Ned & Andy by David Ezra Stein
Cowboy Kid by Max Eilenberg
Cowgirl Rosie and Her Five Baby Bison by Stephen Gulbis

Other Book Suggestions:

Cowboy Baby by Sue Heap
Ned's New Friend by David Ezra Stein
Rosie and the Rustlers by Roy Gerrard
Bubba the Cowboy Prince by Helen Ketteman

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Action Rhyme - Hands up high...

Hands up high,
Hands down low.
Hide those hands,
Now where did they go?
One hand up,
the other one too,
Clap them,
Fold them,
Now we're through.